So How Much Does a Zodiac Boat Weigh?

An inflatable boat is a craft that is mainly made from tubes that can be blown with air. In small boats the hull and also the flooring of these kinds of boats are made with the same inflatable material but in boats that are longer than three meters the flooring can be made from plywood or other light materials. Ideally inflatable boats can be emptied of air, disassembled, stored and then transported with ease. This feature is the main reason why they are carried as emergency crafts for larger vessels like ships and airplanes.

Materials– The body of inflatable boats are mainly made from rubberized sheets of synthetic materials known as Hypalon and also PVC. In the past the tube is just a single structure but more recent designs have incorporated adding compartments that divided the whole craft into sections. This is a security against the boat being punctured. Sometimes steel is also used for the flooring of the craft to ensure that it is going to be rigid enough. Sometimes the hull is made rigid so that it can handle an outboard motor being placed on it. The adding of a motor creates some unique conditions for this kind of boat. Because the hull can stay above the water when it goes on high speed when driven by the motor it can create the effect know as hydroplaning. It can move at a fast speed because it is not hindered by the water.

Zodiac– This company started out as an airship manufacturer. Then in the 50s a Frenchman named Alain Bombard who was an officer in the French Navy made a design for an inflatable craft. The design was the first one that incorporated the use of an outboard motor and Zodiac was the company that built the boat. It was so successful that soon the company’s main focus was making these crafts. Today Zodiac boats are used all over the world for high performance duties such as rescue and combat operations.

How Much Does a Zodiac Boat Weigh?– if you are thinking of getting an inflatable craft then you should plan on getting a Zodiac since this is the best maker of this sort of boat. The great thing about inflatable craft is that you can bring them along with you on your travels without too much hassle. You can just deflate them and then load them on your vehicle. On the average a Zodiac boat can be carried by one or two persons, but the weight ultimately depends on the model of the boat that you are going to pick. So you can say that it could also depend on what you really want, and if you would like to get an inflatable boat that is manufactured by a company that is known for its excellent performance and track record of excellent service all over the globe. You can thus never go wrong with choosing inflatable boats made by Zodiac.