The Fastest Production Performance Boats Currently Available

The need for speed – it’s something that people seem to have. Although not everyone has it, it is prominent enough in some to warrant the attention that is afforded to other needs or preoccupations that people have. Perhaps it is a testament to the excitement that is brought about by speed and how we all enjoy exciting moments and activities. There is no denying how excited we can all get if are riding a vehicle that is going at breakneck speed, watching everything and everyone go by in a blur, and in some cases feeling the wind whip against us. Although there is some risk involved, that only adds to all the excitement, as we speed along with reckless abandon.

Along with the fascination that we have for speed and the excitement that comes along with it, we are equally enamored with the machines and equipment that allows us to experience it all. It is easy enough to see why, since without those vehicles we cannot indulge ourselves in our fascination for going as fast as possible. And due to man’s natural inventiveness and capacity to come up with something bigger, better, and faster, those vehicles are only going to get better. Not only in terms of its speed, but also when it comes to its overall performance and quality, it is only improving and moving forward. So our collective fascination will only get better, and there is no end in sight to it. You name it, cars, motorcycles, speed boats, airplanes, and whatever else. Things are only going to get better and faster.

I’ll count myself as one of the many who has that need for speed. In my case, I don’t want to just call it a fascination, because the way I feel, it is an actual need for me and I can’t seem to help it. However, I definitely don’t want to label as an obsession, as my actions related to it are still governed by reason and I’m still able to think clearly enough when dealing with it. That said, I used to be pretty smitten with cars and of course I went for the ones that offered me the best speed while looking pretty hip and cool at the same time. Different sports cars held my fancy for a few years before my attention shifted entirely. From the land based vehicle that is the car, I moved over to the water, because boats lured me away.

Change did not come along in an instant for me. It couldn’t have, since I was seldom on the water for whatever reason. But when I became a frequent guest of a friend’s pleasure boat trips, not to mention going on a few fishing expeditions aboard his fishing boat, I became converted to the water so to speak. Little by little, my attention shifted from cars to boats. At first I was thinking of just getting a little fishing boat that can take me and about a couple of others to the nearest lake and have a relaxing time catching a few fish. But then my love for speed again got the better of me and I started looking for fast and high performance boats that I could purchase. And I think I am completely justified in doing so, since traveling fast on water is completely different from traveling fast on land, the excitement is just of a different kind altogether.

Searching for the Boats of My Choice: Fast and High Performance

Looking for the boats that I would really love to buy, it is obvious that I am prioritizing speed above anything else, although the power and overall quality of the boat should not be too shabby either. For my possible sources, I turned my attention online, so that I could at least have many choices where I can find the best and the fastest performance boats that are currently available. And of course I wasn’t disappointed, as I saw many possible sources of the boats that I want to buy. Even though there are numerous sources, I still need to distinguish which offer the best deals and the highest in terms of quality. So I still need to a little more discerning, particularly since I cannot yet consider myself to be an expert when it comes to speedy and high performance boats.

My search yielded plenty of possible sources. One of those that I stumbled upon during my online search was It is the website for a company that has been building fast offshore powerboats that are known for their high performance for the last 40 years. That was impressive for me to want to take a look at what they have to offer.

21 Millennium – The 21 Millennium is an exceptionally designed and crafted all around utility boat that can be used for fishing, cruising, water skiing, and even for high performance activities. If you are looking for storage space, then the 21 millennium has much to offer, within the center console, the stern floor lockers, and the bow. A couple of storage compartments can also be located at the port and starboard sides of the boat. The design of the center console makes use of Superboat’s Legendary offshore hull and has a modern molded liner that makes maintenance easier than ever before. This boat just does it all, and it is even your choice if you do not like the make of the stock model. You can design everything from the layout of the dashboard to the specialized equipment that you want to be installed.

32 CAT – Superboat Powerboats developed this 32 foot catamaran style hull as a direct response to the demand that was coming from customers from the offshore racing circuit, as a way to appease them and meet their demands. It was specifically designed to be able to meet the demands and expectations of those who wanted either a stand-up or sit-down power boat. If you are an open water enthusiast then this boat meets your expectations and needs just perfectly, and it actually meets whatever demands might be necessary. And those who are looking to get more out of it as a pleasure boat, then it was also designed with a full cabin that has head as well.

30 Y2K – The 30 Y2K was specifically designed for meeting the challenges that are presented by rough and tough water. Deliberately constructed with a narrow beam, measuring about seven feet, that allows the boat to move easily across any type of sea condition and with the capability that is usually associated with much larger boats. Its faster speed was achieved through less weight and less bottom area. The boat’s 30-foot hull is able to easily outrun and leave behind every competitor with equal stern drive power. This is most probably because boats that have wider beams were not really designed for optimum performance. The 30 Y2K (formerly known as the 30 tempest) was actually considered as an unbeatable boat for the offshore racing circuit. Superboat’s has actually dominated the races with this hull size more than any other boat manufacturer. The redesign of the Tempest into the 30 Y2K has made sure that it continues this tradition of dominance and performance.