Best RC Boat for the Money

Growing up, my dad and I loved to spend time outdoors on weekends. He well introduced me to all kinds of sports and water activities, which I effortlessly end up appreciating so much. He would bring me to the woods and teach me archery; we would spend time together at the beach and wakeboard; he would drive with me to the countryside and teach me how to fish and then we would bring home our catch of the day for dinner. Those are the childhood memories worth keeping and worth sharing to my own kids. But even when we were just at home on a laid-back Sunday morning, he put so much enthusiasm to make each day filled with amusing father-and-son activities. This highlight of my childhood years has remained in me, which I owe to my dad my passion to all kinds of boats, miniature once and the real big thing.

This occurred to me when Dad brought me to the lake and surprised me with a miniature remote control boat. More than a decade ago, remote control boats were reckoned affluent toys because not everyone could afford a piece but my dad worked and saved religiously to get me one. Fortunately, although rc boats still cost a penny nowadays, today’s generation is given better options. Meaning, there are more boat products to choose from with likeable features, specifications, and accessories. In fact, there is what we call now as hobbyists who splurge, collect, and play rc boats for fun—including adults. Certainly, rc boats are for everyone, regardless of gender and age.

A few years ago, I bought rc boats for each of my sons too and bonded with them just like how Dad raised me. Surprisingly, I wouldn’t have to save a lot just to buy these toys for my children, not to mention that they’re of excellent quality, numerous design varieties, and manufactured by reputable boat brands. Here is a tip. The best rc boat for the money is well-kept on sale deals and online marketplaces such as and You must know what you really want to purchase such as the model and accessories included before you search because there are hundreds of options to look at, which is time-consuming. Choose a company that has excellent help and support system such as a “Return Materials Authorization” (RMA) number and warranty in case you need to return or have the item replaced.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are ten of the reputable RC boat brands HobbyTron, Hobby Lobby, Wonderland Models, R/C Planet, RC Hobbies, Horizon Hobby, Banana Hobby, FunRCBoats, Toys R Us, and Tower Hobbies that you might want to check out.