Do Boats Have Titles and Other Common Boat Questions

I have been boating for more than twenty years now. I own three boats and there were others in the past that I have sold away. You could say that I’m an expert when it comes to boats. I say that with a lot of pride behind it because I certainly did my best to be where I am right now in terms of boating, just learning and becoming better about it. To me it has become more than just another activity to spend my time with. Boating has become an essential part of my life.

Often enough, I hear a lot of questions from those who are just starting out in boating. Some of these questions are easy to answer while others are difficult and would really take an expert like me to provide the right kind of answer. I have listed here some of the more common queries that I get:

Do Boats Have Titles?-Yes boats do have titles for proof of ownership. Many states require this now but Oklahoma was the first to require owners to have their boats titled. That started out in 1959 and many have followed suit. Other states that require boat titles are Illinois, West Virginia, New Mexico, Washington, Rhode Island, and Utah. Those are the states that require titles for all boats. There are those that require titles only under certain conditions.

What type of boat should I buy?- There is no one answer to this question of course because it all depends on how you plan to use the boat. Is it going to be for recreation? What kind of activities will you be doing with the boat?

How big should be my boat? – When it comes to picking the size of the boat the main question is the number of people that will be using it. There are ratings on the boats on the number of people who can use them. If you have a choice between two boats where the difference is just a few feet then go for the bigger one even though it will cost you more.

How much power does my boat need?- Again this is dependent on the kind of activity that you will be doing with your boat. Activities such as water skiing for example would require as much power that you can get. If you are just planning on doing some fishing with it then a minimum power requirement is all that you will be needing.

Should I buy a new boat or can I go for a used one?- If you are new to boating then I suggest that you go for a brand new boat because you still don’t know the things that you would have to check in an old boat to determine if it is really worth buying. As you gain more experience in boating then you can start buying used boats.

Where should I buy them? – One of the best venues where you can shop for a boat is in a boat show where different manufacturers are displaying their products. You can compare prices there.