How to Rent a Boat for a Party

Are you planning for an out-of-the-ordinary sophisticated party, whether for your birthday, engagement, bridal shower, or wedding? Drop the banquet hall or garden setting ideas and explore a more classy part venue on a boat. I personally think that parties celebrated in a yacht or a luxury boat are truly intimate and memorable. There is a certain lovely nostalgic sensation and ambiance of celebrating a happy moment in life with your most favorite people in the world on a water vessel that is cruising on a peaceful sea.

We are so fortunate to be living in a world full of extraordinary possibilities because you don’t have to be a millionaire just so you can own a yacht and throw a party in there. In this generation, boat rental companies exist so that all of us may have a chance to experience luxury at its finest.

For those of you who do not know where to start on how to rent a boat for a party, I will share with some of the useful information you need to decide on before signing any contract with a boat rental company representative. Normally, some people are used to going over the other party essential elements like the guest list, the theme of the party, food, etc. and later on decide where the venue would be. I suggest you do the other way around. Make the venue the starting point of your planning. Browse on potential boat rental companies that are near your vicinity. If their website provides a list of boats with pictures, dimensions, and passenger capacity, list those pieces of information, too, and make phone calls to know their prices and route. The passenger capacity of the boat will determine how many people can you include on your guest list. This is less disappointing than listing down people and end up dropping names because the boat can’t accommodate much. When your list goes down to the magical 3, set an appointment to view each boat because seeing the actual venue will help you brainstorm for party themes and activities. Also, most boat rental companies offer catering packages, video and sound system rentals which I find very convenient for party hosts. These packages will not only save up so much of your planning time but they can also cut down your expenses since rates are normally negotiable, similar to wholesale or bulk orders.

Renting a party boat is easy if you have the budget to compensate with it and a pocketful of party ideas. Just remember that there are rules and restrictions, such as allotted rental time, use of boat facilities, rooms, rules on restricted areas inside the boat, dos and don’ts inside the boat, which vary in every boat rental companies, that you and your guests need to abide to, so as long as you follow the rules and you receive a service satisfaction, you’re on a smooth sail.