What is the Difference Between Hypnosis and Meditation?

People who have practiced meditation before undergoing hypnotism, or vice versa are amazed with the similarity between the two methods. They have identical practices that are needed to reach the ideal condition of the body and especially the mind. Both practices require that we should be relaxed and feeling well. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these two practices today.

Meditation- This is the practice of focusing one’s consciousness. This was originally done in order to achieve a spiritual aim, but it has been adapted since then so that it is also utilized for less loftier if more practical aims. For example, there are those who use it as a means of easing tension and relieving stress. It is also used for enhancing the learning experience of children and adults.

Hypnotism- This is a condition of extreme suggestiveness. Contrary to popular belief a hypnotized person is not under a trance, rather he is conscious only he is focusing his awareness on the suggestion of the one performing the hypnotism. Compared with meditation, hypnotism is a recent creation having been devised in its modern form in the 19th Century.

Similarities between Meditation and Hypnotism- So what are the common things shared by these two practices? Visualization is the practice of using your imagination in trying to see yourself as having achieved your goals already. This practice is used both in meditating and in hypnotism. Progressive relaxation is also another common thing. This is the practice of trying to relax the body in a progressing way. You can start from the feet upwards. For starters you can start with the external parts of he body but as you practice it more you make yourself conscious of your internal organs and have them relaxed as well. Relaxation is the most common variable between these two practices. You can not achieve a higher state of consciousness without getting relaxed first of all.

What is the Difference between Hypnosis and Meditation?
– Now we know the common ground between meditation and hypnosis but what is the main difference between the two? Some describe meditation as the state where there is no thought, but such a state is impossible to achieve. Rather meditation is the state where all thoughts can be focused on a single object or idea. Hypnotism on the other hand is form of psychotherapy that is used in order to transform the consciousness or the mentality of an individual. It is used by psychologists in order to control behavioral problems of their patients. Those who practice meditation are mostly religious persons who would like to achieve some form of spiritual advancement in their lives. Meditation is considered to be essential in several religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. In fact they consider it to be the best way to attain enlightenment.

These are just some facts concerning meditation and hypnotism that you ought to know. These two practices can be very beneficial in their own way to those who engage in them.