What Kinds of Granite Countertops Colors Can Be Found?

Granite is an excellent material to use with counters. It is exceptionally resistant to scratches and is highly durable, and for this reason it can remain in good condition for a long time if properly taken care of. This is why many people prefer to use granite for their kitchen counters instead of other materials. There are many different patterns and colors available to choose from, each at their own individual price. Typical granite countertops colors are sold in colors raning from a nearly pearl-white to black.

In the decision making process for granite countertop colors, most homeowners seem to prefer darker shades. They can look excellent within a kitchen and can blend in well with other typical kitchen utensils including pans, silver pots, etc. They can match wooden shades quite decently as well, as most typical kitchen cupboards are designed from wood. Darker shades of granite are less likely to display collected stains than lighter shades. However, lighter shades might be more appropriate within kitchens that receive very little in the way of natural lighting or ones that are quite small.

Granite counters from the more inexpensive line usually offer a smaller color range and are not as outstanding in terms of their design and pattern. Within this price range you will likely encounter dark and light browns, oyster, or standard grey. The patterns etched out onto the surface stone are commonly noticeable with bold veining. A step up the ladder include standard granites, which are equipped with finer textures and wider color ranges. Within this selection it is usually possible to find mixed or two-toned patterns, golden colors, soft blacks, and more browns. The quality will usually be a little higher than the inexpensive type, and the patterns will be more uniform.

Granite types that are of premium quality typically have more pronounced surface patterns or even small stones that have been set out into the granite surface. There is a wider range of colors and shades available as well. Here you can find emerald greens and sky blue granites. The flecks and shading mixture are more pronounced, with intricately woven patterns that seem superior to the speckled type patterns that are seen in cheaper granite.

Many different colors can be found with granite. ranging from silver whites, soft blues, and oyster pinks that are subtle and soft, to stunning deep blues, reds, and emeralds. It may be simpler to decorate a kitchen by using neutral-colored countertops. As an example, blacks, whites, and grays are colors that can be easily matched in a kitchen, whereas a complementary-type kitchen scheme may be needed for countertops equipped with more stunning colors. A higher quality granite will provide you with the ability to apply more colors to your existing kitchen design.