Answers To The Most Common Interview Questions

These questions may seem very easy and straightforward to you, but these are the exact questions that hundreds of job applicants fail to answer properly during job interviews. Some may laugh at how basic the questions are, but everywhere in the world, we have seen and heard people struggle with these questions because of a clear lack of preparation and understanding in what the employer is looking for in an answer. Today we are going to discuss the top three questions asked by most recruiters and hiring managers, and how you should prepare for them:

  1. Why should we hire you? The answers to this question may vary greatly, but it should never just be about you and more about what you can contribute. As much as possible, be very specific about your competencies and how that can add value.  If the question came towards the end of the interview, your response to this question should somehow summarize the points you raised earlier.
  2. Why did you pursue a career here? The extent of your research about the company will be reflected here. You need to make sure that you are able to prepare for this question in advance so you can speak intelligently and confidently about the company and how it would be an exact match to your capabilities.
  3. How would you handle an irate customer? This could be an easy question to answer if you were able to spend some time thinking about it and provide a critical incident of when this actually happened to you. You always want to come off as proactive, solutions-driven and results-oriented, so make sure that the following skills are highlighted in your response.

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Although you may be a bundle of nerves during your interview, just try to take deep breaths and pause so you can compose yourself. Remember that how you respond is just as important as the content of your answers, so make an effort to sound sincere and confident. Practicing in front of the mirror or with a close friend would also be beneficial, and with these tips, you can never go wrong.