Headshots Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  Or so they say.  Yet, as any marketing professional will attest, the design on the cover of a book either draws people into the book or causes them to pass it by.  The same marketing principle is true for any image that people glance at, whether it’s a billboard, TV commercial, or Boston headshots on a brochure.

When drawing up a marketing plan, attention is paid to big elements and ad campaigns.  But often, little attention is paid to the simple photographic headshots that are put on brochures, fliers, or even business cards.  The type of photo you select, including the stance, clothing, and lighting all convey an impression.  That impression needs to be consistent with the message the companies wants to portray.

Before scheduling a photo shoot for a Boston headshot, take a little time to analyze your message.  What is it you want people to see and think when they see that photo?  What image of success is consistent with the images people have of those in your industry?  What type of backdrop is consistent with the desired message?  The headshot really isn’t meant to be about you.  Instead, the headshot is more about your clientele and their needs, wants, and desires.

For example, an attorney will want a headshot of more conservative nature.  He or she should be conservatively groomed and the clothing should be conservative as well.  This is important to convey to prospective clients that the attorney is knowledgeable and capable as an attorney.  It conveys success.  A glamour shot for an attorney, on the other hand, does not convey that same message.  By the same token, a conservative, formal image is not what should be conveyed for a performing artist, whether it’s a musician, actor, or even author.  In this case, a glamour shot is more appropriate.