Gazebo – a Small Structure With Big Possibilities

A popular dictionary defines a gazebo as a small roofed building affording shade and rest. This definition is indeed briefly profound and speaks a lot of things that if we only listen, we could gather some lessons through which we can take benefits from. You may say that you have more than enough with what you’ve got at home or with the facilities and structures you may already have within your property.

But human as we are, we understand that we sometimes long for something that is differently unique from the usual things we have and enjoy daily. We do not mean big and extraordinary things because we may already have them. Even a simple thing around you today such as a little structure can do lot of wonders if only you know how to make use of it. From the definition given above, three terms can be used in order to describe what a gazebo really means.

First, it is a small building. Now, underline the word small. People often despise the small things such as small creatures, small contribution, small talent, small, small, and small. And we tend to be embarrassed when we can only afford a small thing rather than the big ones. And we often hear people complain about a small earning and etc. And this is where we frequently commit mistakes. Let us all realize that everything in this world exists for a special purpose, even the smallest thing. This structure doesn’t have to be big because it is not intended to be a permanent dwelling place. It is simply a refuge. You go there every now and then when you feel you need to retreat.

Second, it is a roofed building. This small structure is meant for relaxation. But how can you relax under the heat of the sun? Or how can you be comfortable when you are exposed to the pouring rain? This small structure has to be roofed in order to afford shade. It has to be a shelter for people who seek comfort and relief from the many discomforts brought about by natural and man-made pressures. It can also be a shelter to small creatures like birds during the night when cold wind strikes. The roof can be temporary or permanent; depending on how often do you use this facility. You can go for the toughest kind if you intend to use the building as often as you can.

Third, a gazebo is a building that gives rest. The reason why have this additional outdoor design facility is for us to enjoy a break from our monotonous routine. It is where you can be alone with nature, oblivious about the cares of this world, and undisturbed.