Necklace Holder: Different Types and Designs

Many people may know the different types of designs of a necklace holder but the truth is, most of them are clueless on how to appropriate their own collection with the right necklace jewelry organizer.  They simply pick and choose a random array of jewelry holders without thinking if it’s going to be suitable to the kind of storage needs that they have.  Most of them usually go for how the jewelry organizers initially appeal to them only to find out in the long run that looks can be deceiving and some jewelry organizers are not just fit to one’s own storage needs.  The first thing to do is always assess your own jewelry collection – take into account an ideal storage organizer fit for it.

To give you a concrete example, there are many types and designs of necklace jewelry holders available virtually online or in some jewelry stores.  The variations depend on the innovative designs of the seller and the materials from which one is made of.  The question is how do you know which one is the most appropriate for you?  An acrylic necklace holder is so called because it “holds” out your necklaces in a way that they are properly stored.  The function of a necklace jewelry holder is simply to do away with scratches and scuffs that are likely to happen if you put all your necklaces in a bowl of jewelry collection.  Another is to prevent them from tangling from each other which would take a whole lot of your time from untangling them from each other.  One of the worst cased scenarios is accidentally breaking them if you untangle them too hard, especially for those necklaces that are made of acrylic beads.

A necklace holder is classified according to designs fall under three groups – necklace racks, necklace boards and necklace stands.  Necklace racks have two or more horizontal bars attached to a vertical pole.  They are purposely grooved or separated with metal dots so that necklaces wouldn’t run the risk of tangling from each other.  Necklace boards are flat surface that resembles a large frame where there are either hooks or holes to easily slip your necklaces.  Necklace stands are those free standing necklace jewelry holders that have flat bases and they are probably the most decorative types of jewelry holders.  The latter type includes jewelry trees and sculptural necks that oftentimes seen in the jewelry stores.

Necklace jewelry holders are also classified according to the material/s from which they are made of.  If you have dominant traditional feel in your room, then jewelry holders that are made of furnished hardwood with be the most appropriate.  However, if the interior design of your room is more upbeat and stylistic, then many holders that are made from shiny metals are best recommended.  There are also jewelry holders that are made with a combination of wood and metal and the choice to mix and match is entirely yours.