Which Key Hook Rack Model Best Suits Your Office Space?

A key hook rack can be used a perfect promotional giveaway or a unique present for all kinds of occasion. It is an invaluable organizational tool that is intended for proper key organization. If you are looking for distinct, stylish, and appealing key hangers, then the internet is the best buying avenue for you to scour from. The World Wide Web holds an expansive collection of varying kinds of key racks and holders that vary immensely in size, designs, styles, forms, shapes, and colors. They are now being produced by a number of credible manufacturers.

To help you in your quest, below are some models of efficient and reliable key holders that you might want to consider:

•    Songbird Brass Key Hooks – Constructed from brass, this is a five hook key hanger that offers a convenient place to hang not only keys but also other items like coats and scarves. It features 3 birds perched on top of the key hanger. The key rack’s shadowy finish helps to highlight its intricate design details. Mounting hardware is already included with the product.

•    Magnetic Key Pete Key Organizer – If you are looking for an unusual and extraordinary key rack design, then this model will certainly capture your attention. It is magnetic key hanger that is shaped like a man carrying keys. The design is called as Key Pete – the keeper of keys.  Key Pete’s magnetically enhanced hand is capable of tightly securing any magnetic items. It is capable of holding up to 30 keys at the same time and you are guaranteed that Pete won’t let go of your keys.

•    Tea Cup Hook – This key hook holder features an edgy design that will render a unique look to your office space. It is comprised of tiles infused to tea cups, wherein the cups’ handles act as hooks. The tea cup is big enough to hold pens and other office items. The little hooks, on the other hand, can accommodate keys as well as other items that can be hanged (like scissors). The key rack’s clean and simple white finish will provide your office with a neat look.

Closely examine the aforementioned models of key rack holders to help you find the best complement for your work space.