Online Reputation Management

News is starting to come in a digital form increasingly often, and this means that the individuals who are being mentioned in the news articles must deal with them as part of their reputation management. Although for some this can be a good thing, others who have been wrongly tarnished in the news must then deal with the aftermath. Since newspapers pride themselves on archiving all their news, if you find yourself on the wrong side of a news article, it can be difficult to prevent that article from showing up when others search for your name.

Why It Can Be Difficult

Newspapers pride themselves on being an archive of current events, making them loathe taking down any article. The owners of the newspapers feel that it is their duty to log the happenings of the world, and taking down an article, regardless of what light it portrays you in, is something of a travesty. Even when the article is wrong, many times editors will not want to take down the article, but instead post an amendment to the article explaining what went wrong.  If you are dealing with your online reputation management, this does not help you too much, as the article will still show up when people search the internet for your name.

How To Get it Removed

If you don’t want the search result showing up in Google, it will do no good to complain to Google about it.  Their job is merely to show what is on the internet, not to remove results entirely. You need to go straight to the publisher. Contact the publisher and let them know which article you would like removed, and most importantly, why it is wrong and should be removed. Stay polite while in contact with them. Many editors are used to simply ignoring the pleas of unhappy and rude readers. Stay on the phone with the publisher until the issue is solved. You don’t want them to promise results which they never deliver. If the article that they printed is factually incorrect and damaging to your reputation, they should be reasonable and remove it from their website with little hassle.