So Is Running While Pregnant Safe?

Running is a great choice for those going for an active lifestyle. It offers probably the benefits of a best aerobic exercise out there, and you can do it within the confines of your own home on a treadmill, or if you love the outdoors you can also run out in the park or along the side of the road. It doesn’t really matter where you do it, for as long as you do it regularly and correctly, then you are sure to get the most of your runs. People who are eying to loose those additional pounds can do some running, and then gradually turn it up to maximize its effects. And of course the people who look to be stronger and fitter have it as an excellent option.

I found out about the exact benefits of running when I started doing it. The only concern that I really had at the beginning was to get a great workout, one that would hopefully lead to a whole new lifestyle for me. I guess it is almost needless to say that I surely got more than I thought I’d be getting back when I picked running as my main exercise. Despite all the positives tat I got from running though, there are still a lot that I need to learn about it. Plenty of questions remain unanswered, for me and other runners that I know. There is this one important that we need to be answered as soon as possible – is running while pregnant safe?

Pregnancy and Running

A couple of my friends who are also runners just found out that they are pregnant, and they want to know if they can continue running without any risk to their pregnancy. And of course they also would like to learn up to what point they can do so, if indeed they can do it safely. This is very important to know, obviously because of the safety and health concerns that are involved. And then add to that the fact that when it comes to running, there are just so many myths and misconceptions that abound, and that it is sometimes difficult which one is true and which one is not. From the research that we have made about running pregnancy, we learned that everything depends on the runner’s situation.

If she was already running before she got pregnant, then it is safe to go on provided that she has made some consultations with her doctor. It would also be advisable to lighten your running load or schedule, as it would be quite dangerous to run to the point of exhausting yourself. Always be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after running, to make sure that dehydration is avoided. If any of the following occurs, be sure to stop running and then call your doctor or midwife:

• Dizziness
• Chest pain
• Headache
• Vaginal bleeding
• Weakness in the muscles
• Gasping for breath, difficulty in breathing
• Contractions
• Decreased movement of the fetus