Can Running Get you a Six Pack or Not?

Running is as good as any work out that you can think of. It is an excellent choice for people who have varying aims and objectives as far as their health and fitness level is concerned. The people who are so much bent on shedding all of the extra pounds that they have packed on through the years will be considered well advised if they select running as their regular exercise. A great cardiovascular work out is one of the main components of losing weight effectively, and many even consider running to be the best cardio work out there is. And those who are not aiming to lose pounds but want to make their bodies look even better also pick running as one of their top choices. These are the people who no longer need to lose weight but exercise to look great. Of course here are those who simply want to be physically active and have a regular workout.

My own interest in running did not have to deal with weight issues on my part. It was just a conscious effort to be healthier and stronger, which I have wanted to achieve for a long time. And running seemed the natural choice for me since it is uncomplicated, I only needed to learn the basic mechanics of the proper run and a decent pair of running shoes and I am off. True enough, I immediately began to notice the results, the positive effects that running is able to give to those who run on a regular basis. Along with a healthy diet and some other work outs, I think it is really a solid foundation for a much better lifestyle for anyone.

Running and Six Pack Abs

Despite everything that is known about running and the good that it can do for the body, there are still some things that are not known about it. And there are misconceptions, which can be considered normal for a workout or exercise that is as common as running. One of those is that running can cause great looking abdominal muscles, thus causing some to ask – can running get you a six pack? The straight answer to that is no, running alone cannot give you a six pack, since the act of running will not really do much for the abdominal muscles. It would have a better and more substantial effect on the back muscles. On the other hand, the reverse is true; strengthening the abdominal muscles will eventually result in a much better experience running, contributing to the positive effects that it provides.