Types Of Pipeline Construction Jobs Available

Choosing a new career can be a challenge. When provided with some information about the field or a position the decision becomes just a little easier. Here are types of Pipeline construction jobs and some of the duties that are preformed; but first here are some needed qualifications.

Qualifications vary from field to field. Listed next are a few of the qualifications that are required for almost every pipeline position. A driver`s license, WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) certification, First Aid (the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association both offer classes), and H2S Alive (Hydrogen Sulfide safety training).

There are different types of jobs in the Oil Industry. Seismic Jobs relate to seismic explorations and the acquisition of the data. Mapping and Surveying jobs are related to the placement of facilities and pipelines in the oilfield as well as permitting jobs and land acquisitions. And then there are the pipeline jobs, these are related to the maintenance and construction of gas and oil pipelines.

As with all businesses there is a chain of command and they all start with management. Here are some pipeline constructions jobs that involve management positions. There is the Construction Manager, their job is to be the field representative for the company. They are responsible for overseeing all of the employees and ensures that the jobs are completes on time and within budget.

The Construction Foreman is responsible for hiring and training employees as well as scheduling for the entire crew. They must keep the crews running efficiently and has to coordinate with the lead hands and assistant foreman to avoid scheduling conflicts. The Foreman is also in charge of ensuring that all of the staff is properly trained in emergency procedures and to use PPE.

Some of the Labor positions are Pipefitters; they work with hoist operators to align pipe segments and guide them into place. The Welder welds segments of the pipe together. And Crane Operators who use mobile cranes to transfer equipment and supplies on and off of transport trucks.

These are just a few of the pipeline construction jobs that are available with just a little training. There are local classes that can help with getting certified with the required qualifications. The pipeline industry is booming, so there are plenty of pipeline construction jobs out there.