Money Making Websites To Change Your Life

The rise of the internet has presented many money making opportunities to those aware enough to take them. If you’d like to make an income online – from pocket change to a part- or even full-time income – there are a number of sites you can visit to get you started. Here are the best money making websites on the web:

1) Writing websites. Sites like Triond, Hubpages, Squidoo, and more let you write about whatever you want and earn advertising revenue. Many of these are linked into Google’s Adsense service. For every click of your AdSense link, you’ll get a cut of the profit. Over time, with enough articles and enough traffic, you could be generating very good money every day. You can also link your work on these sites to affiliate programs like Amazon’s and Ebay’s.  When people follow your link to these sites and make a purchase, you get a cut of that purchase.

2) Amazon Turk. This site lets you perform HITs (human intelligence tasks) for a small reward. You’ll be doing everything from writing reviews for products, rewriting articles, looking at pictures, and more! The money may not be significant at first, but over time you can make extra money which you can get deposited to your account or can use on Amazon.

3) Freelancing sites. There are many sites, like eLance, that let you advertise your skills and get paid for helping people with projects. You’ll have to bid on projects to get them, but you can eventually build up a steady list of clients online. Many people have built freelance companies online simply by doing what they do best – web design, writing, editing, research and more.

4) Some sites offer you money for completing surveys. While some are scams, legitimate opportunities to do this do exist but be careful.