Online Marketing Is Great, But Offline Marketing Still Works

As someone who has not been in the online marketing scene (or even just the marketing scene, for that matter) for more than a couple years, I do not consider myself a premier expert on SEO or utilizing the Internet to promote a business. However, I do know that I can implement marketing strategies that can grow a business 20-100% or more without investing more money in advertising. To those who love SEO and things, it may come as a surprise to you that this exponential does not come from the Internet, but rather the marketing assets that businesses already have.

“Gasp!” the SEO consultant might say. “How can you do that when everyone is searching for products and services online? No one uses the Yellow Pages and those other places anymore!” Well, I will admit that he is correct about the Internet becoming more and more popular and the Yellow Pages less and less. However, he did not listen to me when I said that I focus on the the business’ current marketing assets. Let’s look at three:

Current Marketing Strategies

How is the business currently getting prospects (outside of SEO)? There are many ways: postcards, flyers, telemarketing, Yellow Pages, referrals, etc. A business owner can look at these and see if they can be further optimized to bring more prospects than they currently are. Let us imagine that a hypothetical business receives a majority of its prospects through referrals. Is the business owner tracking where every single referral is coming from? If not, there’s a potential opportunity to leverage and optimize the referral centers. Does the business have any alliances? If not, there’s another asset that can be utilizing. Partnering with complementary businesses can increase the number of prospects by almost double.

Conversion Rate

The closing rate of prospects to customers is one of the most important metrics for a business. This statistic must be tracked! How else would you know if you have an underperforming sales team? The two most effective ways to increase the closing rate is implementing an efficient followup system and creating a sales script for your sales presentation to customers. The script should cover the most asked questions and objections as well as focusing on appealing to the emotions of the customer. Why? Research shows that customers purchase with their emotions and justify with their logic.

Customer Buying Habits

I look at the customer buying habits by looking at how they purchase. Is your industry one where the customer makes one large purchase and that is it? Is it one where the customer makes regular purchases throughout the year? The purchasing habits help you to determine the lifetime value of a customer (LTV). And from this important metric, it helps you to know how much money you can be willing to spend to obtain a new customer. Additionally, buy understanding the buying habits of a customer, you can implement upsells, cross sells, and back end opportunities to increase the customer value by 5-25%.

These are three sections to consider about your business before considering implementing SEO. And the thing with SEO is that it just focuses on bringing more prospects, which is just one way to grow your business. It does not focus on improving closing rate or increasing the average value of a customer. It is, however, a great marketing supplement to a company’s current marketing strategies.

This article is a guest post by a San Jose SEO and Marketing business, South Bay Marketing.