Can Running Cause Miscarriage or Not?

You have probably heard about running. Chances are that you have already heard about how good of a work out it is and all the positive effects that it could have on the body. The health benefits are obviously the first thing that comes to mind, and that alone is enough reason to go out and run. Everyone should have a much better level of fitness, one that would allow every individual to live the kind of full and healthy lifestyle that is ideal and up to his standards. And of course, there are the aesthetic aspects of the benefits of running, which results in better physique and the confidence that comes along with it.

Getting into running myself was a result of a commitment that I had about having an improved lifestyle. That was at a time when I knew that my health was a little bit at a low point and I was getting a little bit concerned since I was already in my thirties and I knew that I had to do something to help keep myself healthy and improve my fitness. If I wait until I become too deteriorated physically and health wise, then I might not have any chance of getting to the point that need to be anymore.

It was a case of timing, and I knew that it was then or never. Needless to say, I got it right and enjoyed all the positive things that running offers to everyone who does it. But not all the effects of running are positive, as there also some not so good repercussions in some cases. Example of this is the supposed effect on pregnancy, which lead to miscarriages.

Running and Miscarriages

Can running cause miscarriage or not? This has been an oft asked question and concern particularly on the part of female runners. Pregnancy is such a sensitive period of time for women that the concern of everyone should be understandable. Even though physical exercise is crucial to keeping and maintaining the health of women, being pregnant is an entirely different story. Those who insist on running could probably do so for at least part of their pregnancy. They should immediately discontinue it if some discomfort becomes apparent though, since the safety of the baby and the mother are still the priority. And those who have not been runners prior to their pregnancy should never try to attempt it while they are still pregnant.

Studies have shown that there is indeed a risk of miscarriage for women who run while they are pregnant. The risk is highest during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy, so it might be best to simply avoid running while carrying your child and just wait after childbirth to start enjoying one of the best work outs again.