Custom Lanyards Are A Good Choice

One of the great things about family get-togethers is the memories that are created from being with cousins and Aunts and Uncles that you rarely get to see. Very large families have the operation down pat and rent camping grounds and lodges to hold everyone and provide a time for fellowship and relaxation. One of the problems with getting a very large family together is that not everyone knows each other and some form of identification is necessary, at least for the first few days. Choosing a lanyard to hold a name badge is a good way to identify everyone and get family groups put together. A better choice is a custom lanyard.

A custom lanyard woven or imprinted with the family name and the date of the gathering not only does the job of holding identification, but can serve as a memento of the affair until the next one comes along. Lanyards are handy for other things besides name badges and if you go all out and design a really fancy one for your family it will be a souvenir of the event that people will use all year round for other things, like carrying keys or flash drives full of pictures from the event. The younger drivers in the family will have a unique key lanyard and show it off by sticking the keys in a pocket and letting their family lanyard dangle outside.

Good memories are made from these events and the small children get to meet and know their cousins and share a bond as they continue to grow up. Mementos like a lanyard or a t-shirt with family name and event date help form those bonds as everyone has something in common, besides ancestry to make them all the same. Do your homework before an event like this and provide a way to keep those memories fresh until the next gathering takes place.