Options On How To Get Rid of Hemroids

Now that you’ve figured out that the pain in your rear is hemroids, it’s time to find ways how to get rid of hemroids. In case you did not know, hemroids is caused by childbirth, pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, severe coughing spells, and lack of fiber in your diet. The leading is the last one because a lot of people hate eating vegetables and fruits, and will avoid them like the dickens.

The price you pay for doing so is hemroids. Congratulations! Fortunately, there are effective ways how to get rid of hemroids fast, and most of them are inexpensive and easy.

Home Care Treatments

Try buying a good over the counter ointment specifically for hemroids. Follow the instructions and you’ll be good as new in weeks. While you are treating yourself for hemroids, start on a high fiber diet, and make sure to clean your rear as often as possible.


You can get surgery or laser treatment to blast the hemroid to bits, and a lot of people are doing this because it is quicker and more convenient. It is also more expensive, so take time to weigh the pros and cons. But if the hemroids is bothering you terribly and is getting in the way of your work, then schedule a visit to any of the hemroid doctors in your area for a possible surgery.


You can talk to doctor for medication to treat the hemroids. He can give you either a suppository that you stick up your rear, or you can apply topical ointments that are more than just soothing gels. There are also hydrocortisone products made for hemroids that can give you relief from itchiness and soreness. There are also stool softeners that you can take orally if you don’t like to eat prunes, raisins, or any other food products that induce bowel movement.

Whichever method you decide to go with, remember that none will be magical, one-day solutions. You should expect a treatment period of at least one week. Most treatments though usually take up to 14 days, so be ready to relax and take of your body for the next two weeks.