Can Running make you Sick at all?

People have a common goal when they exercise. This goal is pretty much common knowledge to all and is no secret, given how many people engage in various exercises and work outs. The goal of what exercise or work out they would adopt is then entirely dependent on what the individual wants to achieve and also on his lifestyle. Now about the impact that the exercise would eventually have, it depends on a few factors. One is the dedication and determination of the person who is involved, and he other is the regularity of his workouts. If a person is determined enough, then it is a sure thing that he will try to find a way, however difficult it might seem.

Even before I was receiving all the benefits of running regularly, I was already sold on it as a great work out. This is because several of my closest friends have actually been running for years already. So I was already expecting what I would get, even as I was yet to buy my first pair of running shoes. And when I finally hit the road on a regular basis, I got more than I thought I would be getting as I became stronger and improved my stamina and endurance to unexpected levels. So the positive effects of running are already obvious and every runner, and even non runners, is aware of it. But the question in my mind right now is if it has any ill effects at all.

Running and Sickness

Being a staunch proponent of running, I have consistently pronounced its benefits and every little good that it does, as far as I know about it. But is the opposite also true about it? Can running make you sick? It is more than just an interesting question for me; I believe it to be very important given how I have always promoted running to some other friends and even to relatives. It seems that the answer is to not overdo it. This basically means that runners should not continue running when their bodies are already aching for some rest. Recovery is just as important as the time and effort devoted to the work out itself. Our bodies can only take so much, so when we already feel tired and have run more miles than we are accustomed to, we should consider taking a break. The immune system would be at its most vulnerable at that point, so care should be taken to achieve ample recovery from the vigorous run and workout.