Finding Motivation for Running

To run is one of the best and most effective exercises that man can do. It is a proven fact, and no one would dispute it. Even those who are not inclined to work out regularly know that running is a great choice for an exercise. And it has been one of the oldest forms of work out utilized by people who want to be fit and healthy, particularly because it is based on a simple and common movement or motion. Running has been particularly popular with people who want to get rid of some of their excess weight. The ones who did it regularly were rewarded with more than just weight loss, as they also became stronger and developed their stamina and endurance better.

I was similar to others who turned to running for help with their weight. It was not a desperation move on my part, just a decision to finally control my weight and also become much healthier in the process. As it happened, it did not take too much for me to be convinced and motivated to run, since I have already laid down a goal and I knew that I was going to pursue it no matter what. My dream and my goal were all the motivation that I needed, and my success at running could all be attributed to that.

Your Motivation to Run

I have found out that not every runner is like me, however. Since I was largely self-motivated, I did not experience any problems when I wanted to run. I could just turn it on and then what would come next was a very vigorous and rewarding session of running. That is also the reason that I believe that the best thing for any runner is to be able to motivate himself. And this is in spite of several challenges and discouraging moments, which could only serve to dampen the opportunity to finally be in better shape. Of course, if he so chooses, there are other means to get himself motivated. One way to keep a runner motivated is by tracking down his progress by simply writing it down. It would certainly be very encouraging for him since will be able to see how much he has progressed and already near his goal, if he hasn’t already reached it. Then again, the runner can also start rewarding himself whenever he is able to reach a goal or accomplish anything significant. He can do this by getting himself something that he really likes the latest running gear perhaps, or have himself treated and pampered at a spa. It could be anything, as long as it provides motivation for running.