Guided Meditation for Beginners—Learn the Basic

I asked a colleague why she always has a positive energy every time she comes in the office even when she has a lot of work to accomplish. Everyone in the office is always on the go, rushing things, barely even sitting to relax. Everyone is on a deadline. The words “stress” and “pressure” are common in the vocabularies among us in the office except her. I had a chance to have coffee and chat with her during our afternoon break. Having the opportunity, I asked her how she manages to stay calm amidst the stress and pressure of meeting the deadlines and the standards of our superiors. She calmly said, “Meditation helps me to be optimistic at work everyday.” Our conversation was the beginning of my life journey with meditation.

She became my meditation instructor and my confidante. She taught me the basic of meditation and so here I am sharing what I learned and what I am practicing still. Here are some tips on guided meditation for beginners.

Meditation is a practice that allows the mind to be in full relaxation, which is proven to have plenty of health benefits. But, this is not a practice that you can master in just one day. With all the worries we have in the world, it is a challenge to relax the mind, detach ourselves from our stressors, and welcome in a positive vibes.

The basics of meditation are location, posture, breathing, and focus.

As you begin your meditation, choose a tranquil place where you cannot be disturbed for the next ten minutes. If you think you’ll have trouble in relaxing, play a background music that can help you relax or set the ambiance. Sit up straight. The most common seating position is the Indian sit with your back straight up and chest out. Meditation is also linked in developing good posture. This way, your body will feel more relaxed and encouraged. As you positioned yourself, you should now focus on your breathing. Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose then exhale through your mouth. Focus on yourself and your breathing. Do not rush. Let serenity come to you naturally. You can feel it within you. Inhale the positive energy around you and exhale the negative ones within you. Not being able to focus on your breathing and relax on your first day is normal. Continue the practice everyday for a good ten minutes before you head out to your obligations like work and school until you feel within you that something has changed, that you feel more relaxed and optimistic than ever.