Is Running Downhill Good for You or Not?

Running is good for the body. By now, that is pretty much common knowledge already, something that is pretty much known to the general populace. And the fact that it is gaining more adherents and practitioners as time passes by is a testament to the level that it has become accepted by the people as an effective work out that has good effects on the body. And there is diversity with what it offers to runners, anyone from overweight people to those looking to build up their physical strength and endurance could take to running. There are even those who are treating it as more than just a work out, but also as a lifestyle in itself.

When I was considering choosing running as my regular workout, I was concerned about the places that I could do it of the most benefit for myself. At the time, I was only able to do my running indoors, on my newly acquired treadmill, as I was very busy with my home based work that I could only do my running during the short breaks that I took from my work. But all the while, I was very much planning on running on other venues, particularly outdoor venues. My dream is to actually be able to run on different surfaces, in different places, and so I long to run on the road first and on other venues later.

Running Downhill

I have since been able to make more time for myself and my work outs in particular. While I still have my home based work, the schedule that I currently have is just more flexible, so much so that I am now free to run or work out whenever I please throughout the day. And I have been challenged by the idea of running in different places, and over various surfaces. It was a challenge that I have presented to myself, and one that I now taking up and trying to deal with. These days, I am especially interested in hill training for my running work outs, both uphill and downhill. Sat this point I am particularly more interested in downhill running and whatever its effects are, on my physical condition and overall health, if any. So is running downhill good for you or not? Let’s find out through what I got from the little research that I did before I did any uphill or downhill running.

Running downhill, at first glance, seems to be a much easier thing to do than running uphill and running on flat ground. And why not, when circumstances seem to point at its ease and lack of any difficulty at all relative to other forms of running. There seems to be little resistance when running downhill, and we just allow gravity to do its job for the most part. First of all, running downhill can be a time for recovery and lesser energy is also spent by going through it. And it does enable the runner to expend not as much energy as when it does other forms of running. But despite that, I have learned that there are also some negative effects from running downhill. To run downhill means to deal with an inordinate amount of stress, and it can result in considerable muscle damage. The damage can result particularly if the runner does not run downhill correctly.