Why You Shouldn’t Complain About Pay Day Loan Rates

When you’re trying to get cash today, it can be a bit tricky trying to figure out what you’re doing. Instant cash online is easy to get because there are a lot of online lenders who will willingly lend you money to fill any of your basic needs, so long as you promise to pay them back. The problem comes when you don’t pay them back. People will be completely understanding if they rent something, for example, a professional camera that costs over a hundred dollars, for fifteen dollars for a few days.

When their event and the time they paid for is over, they gladly hand back the camera and the fifteen dollar rental fee with no questions asked. Many people who accidentally keep even free things, such as library books, over their due date, feel terrible about it afterward, like they’re stealing the books or something. Why is it then, that when someone borrows one hundred dollars from a pay day loan company at a rate of fifteen dollars once if they pay back the loan immediately, they get completely up in arms about the lender wanting their money back? It doesn’t make sense.

People don’t think about money the way they think about tangible objects. The same person who completely understands why the one hundred dollar camera for the wedding has a fifteen dollar fee and needs to be returned five days after being borrowed, with fees if the camera is not returned acts like they are completely shocked when they borrow one hundred dollars from the pay day loan for fifteen dollars and the pay day loan company begins giving them fees. They call out ‘unfair’ for no reason whatsoever because they don’t understand that money can be rented out, which is exactly what they’re doing with the camera.