Marketing Research Proposal Basic Composition

It is standard practice to produce a marketing research proposal prior to doing any research work. This clearly sets out your objectives and plans for surveys, research investigations, etc.

Before you begin writing up a proposal you really need to establish what your own objectives are. Have a brainstorming discussion with your team members to identify the actual importance of the research you want to do, possible research methods that could be used and who has to be involved. This initial brainstorming phase is there to start to flesh out exactly what goals you want to achieve.

It is then up to the marketing manager to start defining a plan for your marketing research proposal. The plan should clearly identify what the actual goal or goals are, which methods of surveys/research/etc. will be used to do the investigations, what kind of check points/reporting goals are going to be used. Defining your reporting frequency and report structure up front will help improve communication in the workplace around the objectives and progress within your research.

The final step in creating your marketing research proposal is to focus in on the structure of the proposal itself. The basic format starts out with the executive summary which should be the last thing written up (as it is a summary of all the subsequent sections).

The core of the proposal document builds up around an initial background section where previous surveys can be discussed. You then need to define what the objectives for your marketing research proposal are going to be. Clearly define what sort of research approach or data analysis will be used in doing your research. Provide budgetary information regard to the resources and individuals involved in actually completing the researcher surveys. Finally, if you have provided in a number of different methods are proposal within the one marketing research proposal then you should provide recommendations about what you and your marketing team propose as the best option.