Convenience of Electric Kitchen Gadgets Questioned

Are things like electric carving knives and electric can openers really necessary? What do you think?

Kitchen convenience gadgets are the subject of widespread controversy in some circles.

The main point of concern for those who are opposed against some of the electric appliances on the counter-top is these items’ usability. It’s no wonder we like things like our electric can opener, but do you really need it around? Some people just can’t stop spending money on kitchen and home appliances. For them it should be classified as an addiction, or at least a bad habit.

The electric carving knife and other small appliances in the kitchen are subject to some controversy these days. What most people don’t realize is that they sometimes purchase items that they do not need. A toaster is arguably one of the most useful pieces of these machines, and you most probably use it every single day. The toaster is a part of the healthy breakfast and is available on all counter tops.

The other end of the spectrum must be the small gadgetry with a sandwich maker leading the way. They’re about $15 a pop and make great sandwiches when they’re used, but according to a research conducted in the United Kingdom the vast majority of the sandwich presses are not in use in the country.

People are opinionated, and it doesn’t always make a lot of sense. Why is an electric toaster as a part of the kitchen it okay, but the electrified can opener is not? The toaster makes only one thing, and that’s toasting slices of bread, while an automatic can opener opens all kinds of cans without as much as a press of a button. There is a hand-crank version available that does it for you, while there is no manual version of the toaster available.

Some people are of the opinion that manual is better, and that some things ought to be replaced by cheaper and simpler manual solutions. In case you don’t like fumbling with a carving knife at Thanksgiving though, you better look at some quality electric carving knives, and don’t worry about what the anonymous critics say.