Matternity Clothing- Support For the Belly

The funky, trendy beatnik look of the sixties gets a flashback in time with the recent popularity of leggings. The bohemian look of tight fitting pants and an over sized shirt has become a standard in fashion. Maternity leggings have become very new yet an in demand statement for maternity wear. They can make a great fashion statement and are beyond comfortable. Pregnant moms love them because the new maternity clothing offers great support for the belly making them very popular to wear. The pants come up and over the belly for a great fit and nice look. Leggings can be worn with just about anything as well and make an easy outfit in mere minutes.

The modern day maternity leggings are created for the pregnant shape and help in supporting the tummy. Use your own judgment, however and avoid any that may be too tight or restrictive for your growing baby. Maternity clothing is meant to be worn for the entire pregnancy and then some, but some women just don’t like to have items wrapped around their waist towards the end. Women do really like the soft and versatile look as a change of pace during pregnancy. Most of the leggings come in various shades of colors including the ever popular, black. These leggings come in different styles as well- capri, long, or short style and can be great for summer or winter- just a perfect fit for anytime during the pregnancy.

You can probably get by with a few pairs of these and wrap them with a variety of different toppers and tees. Since they are a neutral color most people will only remember the tres chic top anyways. As for the tops, anything the will fit you will work, basically. You can use a dress the has become too short or your husband’s old shirt tied in a knot a the end. Or you can find a similar look in a knit top with a softer side tie knot. The pants can also come in an underbelly style if you prefer and are also available in plus sizes.