So How Does Running Help Your Heart?

Running is good, and it is an indisputable fact. People choose to run to get the most benefits that they could prove such an effective work out. Sure, there re plenty of different work outs out there right now, some are a little more traditional while others and newly developed, but people will always exercise for the same reasons. Foremost reason that they would love to get involved in a specific work out is to improve their fitness and health. If they happen to be a little overweight, or even if they are what might be called obese, running is definitely a good way to help trim their bodies down. And of course, the body becomes healthier and stronger, with endurance and stamina improving and increasing significantly.

I did not have any issues with my weight, or was even near having some problems with it. Still, I decided to take up running because I was concerned with my stamina and endurance. Being short of breath after walking even close distances was an issue that I did not previously have, but it was beginning to occur more frequently. And it was natural for me to grow concerned, so I decided to have a regular exercise, and I thought that an aerobic exercise would be my best bet to improve my stamina. Of course I did not start out without having consulted my doctor first, and I was given the green light to start running. I must say that everything is working out fine for me, and my stamina has improved dramatically and I am now in love with running. It has essentially become an important part of my lifestyle.

Running and the Heart

To run certainly provides plenty of benefits to the runner, and many more are bound to start running because of those benefits. But does helping out the heart a part of those benefits? How does running help your heart exactly? It is a question worth pondering about, and it is of special interest to those who are just about to go into running and haven’t made that final decision about which exercise or work out to do regularly, and to those who have heart problems and would like to find a suitable work out.

Running actually strengthens the heart and prevents heart diseases, especially heart attacks, from occurring. It is a great muscle exercise, and since the heart is actually a muscle, then running becomes an ideal work out for the heart, keeping the cardio system very strong and with a very high level of efficiency. Through running, the arteries are kept open and the blood just continuous to flow as smoothly as possible. Due to running, the heart gets to beat faster, increasing the supply of blood to the lungs and heart and the capillaries are able to carry more oxygen through its expansion. A stronger heart means that it does not have to work too hard to pump blood, and the best way to strengthen the heart is through aerobic exercise such as running.