What is the Best Fuel for Running?

You run to excel, to improve yourself. Running as often as you can give you a certain edge, both physically and mentally, that you do not want to lose or get away from. Having that in mind, and knowing that you will be able to reach whatever physical or health goals that you have set by running, you are pushed on and fueled to perform to the limit of your abilities. To run might only seem like a simple work out, but what runners get from it certainly disproves that in a major ways that you wouldn’t even suspect before you ran regularly. It might look simply enough, but it definitely wouldn’t be considered probably the best aerobic exercise out there if it people didn’t get anything great from it.

I knew it right away, what I could get from running. It just felt right, even during those early runs that I did, and there I knew that I would be at it for a long time. Or at least I had the feeling that I made the right choice as far as my work out was concerned. And I was indeed rewarded by losing the few excess that I put on in the last few years, and I also became much stronger and flexible than before. It also became apparent that my stamina and endurance improved significantly since I started to run regularly. The fact that fitted perfectly into my lifestyle became something of a bonus for me. Lately though I’ve been looking for something that power my runs even better. I want to find the best fuel for running that’s possible.

Fueling the Drive

Running requires refueling, re energizing the body to get it to perform its best throughout the run. An individual cannot hope to get his body going and experience the rigors that running and other forms of workout offers without having the necessary fuel. Although it surely needs to be said that the fuel that runners should consume before and during their runs is really a matter of individual preference. Of course, the considerations are pretty much known to most even to none runners. The food has to be able to provide more than ample energy that can keep the runner energized and properly hydrated throughout the course of his run. The necessary amount of carbohydrates and protein, fats and other essential nutrients should be present in the food that the runner consumes.

I have listed down some of the top foods that serve as excellent fuel for runners:

• Water
• Pasta
• Oatmeal Porridge
• Banana
• Rice
• Lean Meat and Fish
• Cereal bars
• Other kinds of cereals
• Vegetables and fruits

These are exactly the kinds of food that runners should be consuming in order to prepare their bodies for the rigors of running. Being able to replenish the body well means that it can recover properly and that the runner gets all the benefits offered by the work out, and then reaches his goals at the same time.