Tips on How to Start a Gym

The fitness industry has become a lucrative one these days and quite predictably so as people are getting more and more health conscious every day and thus a common enough question for entrepreneurs is to how to start a gym. There are a lot many things you must consider before jumping onto the business and it involves more than buying an existing gym setup or opening a franchise store. You need to have a carefully laid out plan, an effective marketing strategy and not to tell, a large bankroll.

The Property

The area you choose for your gym is important. You can set it up at your garage, basement or some other spot you have bought or rented for this purpose. Be sure you choose an area which is not at a distance from the nearest locality. People do not like to travel a long distance to arrive at their workout place every day. It is also important to choose an area which does not have much competition around. It however all depends on the money you can spend. Getting a loan to start your business is not a bad idea at all if you know exactly what you are after.

Setting Up

There are manufacturers who will provide you equipments at a discounted rate if you bought a membership of their franchise. You can however also go for separate equipments from separate brands.


This is one important step. When building the gym, you should be sure of your target demographic. You may be targeting the weight shedders, those looking for good posture exercises, the young muscle builders or exclusively the ladies. Choose your equipments accordingly and start advertising your services even before your set up is complete to be used. It always helps to ask for advice from your friends and near ones. Generally they will be your first customers and would also be a great source of word-of-mouth advertisements.