Four Common Disasters (and what to do about them)

Sometimes it seems that life is just the process of traveling from one disaster to another. Here are a few common pull-your-hair-out moments, and simple solutions for them.

  • You ¬†wake up on the morning of your class photo shoot and find a humongous pimple on your nose
    • Solution: Clearasil covers up pimples nicely; you can find a tube of it that approximates the color of your skin so that it doesn’t stand out. In the future, you’ll also remember to wash your face more often!
  • Your checking account is overdrawn
    • First off, if you have checks left, that doesn’t mean you also have money left! Stop using the account and bring it back up to positive as quickly as possible to avoid paying additional fees; even a cash advance from a credit card is cheaper than what the banks change. Try to get a personal loan from a friend if you must, but get your balance back into the black! Be careful paying bills with checks or debit cards, as if you go over the banks will rearrange your transactions in order to trigger the maximum possible number of overdraft fees (and this is even legal!)
  • You have a flat tire and are stranded
    • If you have a tendency to go driving around in the middle of nowhere, it’s probably a good idea to have a spare tire and know how to change it. Failing that, get a triple A membership. It’s fairly cheap, they can get to you just about anywhere, and aside from the piece of mind it gives you, you also get discounts in many places with your card that can pay for the cost of the membership.
  • Your team didn’t win the game
    • Sorry…I can’t help you out here. Such is life! Interestingly, scientific studies have found that men are actually more virile after their team wins, and have depressed sperm after their team loses. We REALLY identify with our favorite sports teams!