The Basic Design Used for Popcorn Carts

The basic design of the popcorn machine cart has not changed very much over the last few decades. You will still see the familiar red wagon style with large wheels on the side. There are a few variations in size, color and the type of internal machinery used for popping the corn. The basic red style can be found as a 2 wheel cart that comes with the wheels on one side and a convenient stand on the other. This unit has the handles positioned on the same side as the legs of the stand so it is easy to push or pull. It also comes with the classic yellow popcorn logo on the sides.

This particular design includes the glass enclosure that surrounds the area where corn is popped. This is available in sixes to accommodate a 4, 6, 8 or 12 ounce popper. A variation on this design is the cart that has four wheels. Some models may include a gas operated popper so you can take your cart anywhere. The 4 wheeled carts also come with the glass enclosure and side handles for easy maneuverability. All of these carts require some assembly before they can be used, but they generally setup in about ten minutes.

All of these wagon poppers are also available in alternate colors if you want to use something other than the classic design. You can select a popcorn machine cart in green, white or blue to use for your particular function or event. The various carts also come with warming lights and may include separate warming trays. Some styles may also have a kernel drawer where the unpopped kernels are collected. The prices for these items will vary depending on the size and the means used to operate the system. A large commercial cart with a 16 ounce kettle that pops 295 servings in an hour can retail for over $1,000.