Fun 15 Minute Workouts for Beginners

Fitness and health are some of the main concerns that people have. In this day and age, it is only right and fitting that people get to be more concerned with state of their fitness and the level of health that they currently have. With all the information and knowledge that is easily available to everyone, there is just very little chance that anyone will remain uninformed. It would seem totally unfair to one’s self to not be informed of what is the latest when it comes to health and fitness. And people should just act before it is all too late, because when it comes to health there is such a thing as being too late. That is a sad fact that everyone should take notice of, so people should start flexing their muscles and look for fun workouts to begin with.

The key word here is fun. Beginners should have as much fun as possible with their work outs, in order for them to have that willingness to carry and go on with it until they are able to finally find the success that they are looking for. On the other hand, if they experience too much adversity and difficulty early on, then it might discourage and deter them from getting on with any form of workout at all. That’s really the key to it, where fun means possibly positive results. Being a beginner at working out myself, I am also searching for the best possible workouts that can give me the kind of results that I want and expect. What I am really looking for is a light kind of workout program that will help me get fitter and healthier, and also serve to prepare me for more intense workouts later on. Right now, the premium is on fun.

Quick, Easy, and Effective

The search is on for a quick and easy workout that will also prove to be very effective. Why quick and easy? Some might be curious enough to ask this, and the answer should be easy enough for anyone to understand. With the kind of lifestyle that most people have nowadays, it is sometimes hard for them to really find the time to devote to working out. Even when you say that it will ultimately be beneficial for them, there are just moments when they simply cannot use up some of their time for working out or exercising. It is not impossible, of course, but if options are available then it would be much better. Such options obviously need to be quicker time workouts.

It must be duly noted by those who will undertake the exercise that they shouldn’t just choose a quick workout, but one that is surely effective as well. This means that every individual should carefully select the workout that they would be doing regularly. A good starting point will probably be to pick a particular exercise that they will find easy at first, like jogging for example. I personally picked running as my preferred workout, and I am trying to fix up my schedule so that I can fit it in for even a few minutes about four or five times a week. That would be a significant upgrade with my own lifestyle, and I purposely chose an aerobic exercise, because I wanted to improve my level of endurance and stamina. And since running is one of the best, if not the very best aerobic exercise in existence, I am very confident that I made the absolute best choice that I could make. Once I get to enjoy the benefits offered by running, I could then move on to different workouts and probably even do some weight training to build up my body.

A 15 Minute Workout to do at Home

Some might think that the shorter the workout time, then the better it is for them. That is not necessarily the case. There is the right or ideal time by which an effective workout can be done, and in my opinion it would be great if could do my preferred workout within 15 fifteen minutes. Yes, that’s the number for me, and I think that others who are also pressed for time would benefit from doing a full body work out in 15 minutes. And the best thing about it is that it could be done right at home. The comprehensive full body work out that is done in 15 minutes is detailed below. It would be best to do this specific workout about three to five times a week, and some resting time would be added to the 15 minutes. If done correctly, it helps in weight loss and toning the body, as well as improving metabolism and improves agility and flexibility.

When I saw this particular workout regimen, I knew that I could eventually pair my running routine with it to achieve a tremendously effective full body workout. Each exercise should be performed in succession, and the entire workout should be done twice. The ideal number of repetitions would be about 15 to 20 for every exercise, with each being in 2 or 3 sets. It is important to go slowly at first, going with about 15 at your initial workouts. You could then try to work your way higher until you get to 25 without being fatigued too much.

Push Ups – Push ups are among the most basic and yet, most effective work outs ever. Do it properly by lying face down on the floor, placing the hands at a little more than shoulder width. The thumbs should be lined with the chest and the toes need to be curled under, and with the feet hip width apart from one another. Remember that you must keep your midsection from sagging down. Breathe in and out, then raise your body up until the arms are fully extended, after which you have to lower it down again. Repeat this action to the number of your desired repetitions.

Abdominal Crunches – Lie on the floor or whatever you might choose to lay down on, a towel or the carpet on the floor. During the performance of this workout, the lower back needs to be relaxed against the floor itself. The knees should be bent until the legs are at a 45 degree angle. The two feet should be kept at the floor, and both hands should be placed on the chest, crossed. Contract the abs and then breathe out, after which the head should be lifted off the floor, along with the upper torso. This should be done until the shoulders are lifted ever so slightly. Breathe in and then gently return to the original position, but stopping before your head reaches the floor. Remember to put ample focus on contraction of the abdominal muscles during the workout.

Chair Squats – To do chair squats, stand right in front of the desk chair, with the back facing against the chair and the feet planted apart of shoulder width. Sit in the chair, with the legs at a 90 degree angle with the body. All the while, the head should be held straight. The quadriceps, or the front part of the thigh, should be contracted while gently returning to the original position. Stop right before the legs are fully extended, as having some slight bend in the knees will help in preventing the occurrence of injuries.

Ab Suction – Ab suction should be performed in a seated position. The air should be exhaled from the lungs, after which the abdomen should be pulled inward. The position should be held from 20 to 30 seconds. During the holding of the position, breath lightly through he nostrils, while making sure that the abs are continuously pulled in.