10 Top Tips for Night Time Running – How to go Nocturnal

Running is an excellent choice for a workout. Whenever people try to think of ways to improve their health and raise the level of their fitness, running should always be at the top of their list of possible work outs. Or at least it should be one of the major exercises and activities that they are giving due consideration to. The many benefits and advantages that a person could get from running are more than enough reasons for it to be chosen. And if you are someone who wants a change in your lifestyle for the better, then running should be what you are doing or at least considering to do. It is also best to not just think about it, but act on it immediately.

I run regularly and enjoy it immensely. Although I have been doing it for a number of years now, I find it great that there has been no change in the way I enjoy it and how I look forward to doing it several times a week. What I try to do is to run as much as five times a week, with a minimum of thrice a week, so that I can get the best and maximum results possible. And I am happy to say that I have managed to receive the best benefits and advantage that running has to offer. I would love to add that it is quite considerable, and I am a living proof of that. Even though I never had any serious problems with my weight to begin with, running still helped me by helping me maintain my ideal weight. And of course, I gained in strength and flexibility, not to mention the augmented endurance and stamina that I enjoy because of running regularly.

Recently, I have thought about changing the hours that I spend running. It’s been a fact that I encountered problems with scheduling my runs during the day, particularly when I was just starting out. A busy work schedule made sure that I would be encountering difficulties finding the right time to run. But somehow, I managed to fit it in, and I was able to reap the good things that running gives me, and the scheduling became less of a worry as we went on. Lately though, I have been wondering what would happen if I am going to shift my running to an entirely different schedule, one that is the reverse of what I have right now. I’m looking at going nocturnal with my running, and see if it can do even more good for me.

Nocturnal Running

There are many who have shifted to nigh time running because of Daylight savings time, but that’s just not the case with me. In my case, I really just wanted to have something different and then see if there would some changes to what I have been getting from running, the results and all that. And I am also viewing it as a totally different challenge, since the circumstances are just totally different than when I am running during the day. Let me mention this now, but my main concern when I first thought about doing it was the relative safety of the said activity. Surely, it was only right for me to be concerned about that, and that’s despite the fact that the route that I’m going to take is pretty much he same. These days, no one can just dismiss the importance of ensuring personal safety while doing some workout outdoors. If some argue that it should be the number one priority, then that would just be fine and ion many respects quite easy to agree with. So learning a few tips about night time running, where runners learn how to go nocturnal, should be required for every runner like myself. The following are ten of those useful tips.

Ten Tips for Runners after the Sun Has Set

I came across a few useful tips to remember when running during the night. It should be a part of the preparation, which is so important in making sure that the runner maximizes the benefits of the activity while also being prepared for the unique set of circumstances faced by runners during the night.

Runner’s Commitment – A very high level of commitment and focus is needed to make sure that one is really up to the challenges presented by nocturnal running. It is definitely not easy, especially if you are going to do after a day’s work. If you’ve just come home from work after 5 in the afternoon, then it might not be that easy to get the needed amount of motivation to do any running right there. That’s where the right amount of commitment will come into play, and you will have to perfectly sure that you want to do it before making the final decision to lace up your running shoes in the night.

Let Someone Else of Your Route and How Long You’ll Run – It would be best, not to mention safest, for you to let someone else know about the details of your run before you actually go out to do it. The place where you are going to go, how far you plan to run, and approximately how long it will take you to run are details that you should let someone else know, preferably a close friend or family member. At least they will know where to look if you do not return home in a reasonable amount of time.

Take Care of Your Food – If there is one thing that can never really afford to neglect, in running or in any other workout, is the food. The right food intake is important, and in the case of nocturnal running, it comes in the form of pre-run snacks and post-run food.

Have a Simple Plan – Plan only on running in places that you are most familiar with, and you would do well to choose a place as near to your home as possible. Keeping it simple means going on a two mile route that you can just do over and over again for as long as you can or like.

Be Seen – During the day, runners would love to just blend in with their surroundings, but at night they just cannot afford to let happen, as it would be too dangerous. Ideal clothing should be of loud colors that can easily reflect passing headlights and other kinds of light surrounding the runner. A few flashing strobe lights added would definitely help in making sure that the runner is seen.

Don’t Forget Your Phone – It is always a good idea to bring your phone along. You will at least have a chance of contacting someone if something unexpected happens to you. Your family or whoever else that you can easily contact will be reached very easily since you have your phone along with you.

Never Bring your Headphones – You might be a music lover who wants to listen to music as much as possible. Yes, that might be true, but if you are running at night, bringing your headphones along with you might only prove more of a distraction, it could even be very dangerous for you as you need to have your full attention and focus on the task at hand as well as knowing and being aware of everything that happens around you.

Ample Fluids are Important – You need to have an ample supply of fluids especially if you will be out running for more than half an hour. The last thing that you’d want to happen is to get dehydrated when you are running at night.

Run on the Sidewalks – If you run on the sidewalk, then the chances of any accident happening will be significantly decreased. Even though the chances of some vehicle hitting you will not be totally eliminated, at least you are much, much safer on the sidewalk.

Optional GPS Device – Although having a GPS device during your run is only optional, you can really consider it because it can prove invaluable in helping you monitor your progress as well.