The Path To Fashion

How do things become in style? Who decides what is hot and what is not? What role does a consumer play in the whole scheme?

The first stop in fashion trends is the designer. Shows like “Project Runway” have allowed the public to be a little more mindful of what it is to be a fashion designer. As the show displays, not everyone is in.

Top designers and rising stars show their stuff at fashion shows. They show their collections to large crowds, mostly from the media. From magazines spreads to blog posts, we will see the results of these fashion shows. The media shows the world what they think that their audience will have the most interest in.

Merchandisers for retail stores must work months in advance of any given season to get the latest styles. Again, they go for the styles that they think that their customers will be most interested in buying. You, as the consumer, are the target all along.

Celebrities and socialites will be the first that we see in a new trend. They love to be on the cutting edge of fashion, but there is something in it for the designers as well. If a new trend is wildly different from standard norms, if the general public sees it on celebrity figures first, we will more likely accept it as cool when we see it on the clothing rack of our favorite retail store.

Then, there is the final and ultimate step in fashion: you. You are the goal of fashion all along. Designers want you to want what they create. The way for you to vote for the type of clothing you want more of is with your wallet. If you hate sweater vests, don’t buy one ever. If you husband can’t stand mens white pants, than he shouldn’t buy them. If enough people feel the same way, those garments will cease to be made.