Fluoride Prevents Cavities

Fluoride helps to prevent cavities and can treat white spots and other issues with the teeth and gums. Fluoride is a natural mineral in the earth and it is one of the safest things for your teeth and gums. Most states have started placing fluoride in the water to help strengthen the enamel and gums of their residents. You also need to visit a Dentist in Modesto in order to receive fluoride treatments that will be able to help strengthen the teeth and gums.

Fluoride is the best way to reduce tooth decay. Individuals that use fluoride treatments have fewer cavities from individuals that do not use fluoride. Fluoride works by hardening the enamel on baby teeth and adult teeth, which is why it is vital for children to have fluoride treatments. Adults also need fluoride to help strengthen their teeth enamel as well.

Bacteria and plaque will eat away at the teeth and gums and fluoride is one of the only things that will reverse the effects of it. This is why fluoride is found in most toothpastes and water supplies. You may have advanced tooth decay and soft teeth enamel. This stage requires extra help from your Modesto Dentist to prevent further decay. You will need to use fluoride tablets and other things that can help to increase the amount of fluoride you are using and prevent further enamel loss.

Fluoride is harmless and your dentist will be able to recommend how much fluoride you need. As long as you are brushing twice daily and your water supply contains fluoride, you are getting plenty of fluoride to help with the prevention of enamel loss and further tooth decay. Always have your routine cleanings and examinations done in order to see that your teeth are healthy and strong and that you are receiving plenty of fluoride.