Factors That Determine Laser Hair Removal Prices

Everyone wants to feel good about their appearance and one way to achieve it is to address the physical flaws and imperfection is that each and every person has so you can interact with people with confidence. One of the most common problems that most women face today is the growth of unwanted hair all over their body. This can be disturbing especially if you have a large amount of hair on your face.  Waxing and shaving will only be able to address the issue temporarily but in a few weeks time, the hair will grow back. Permanent hair removal in the form of laser hair removal is a good option for removing unwanted hair permanently but this can also be pricey especially if you need to remove a large amount of body hair. Laser hair removal prices may vary from person to person as not all individuals have a unique hair growth pattern. Here are some factors to consider in order to come up with the final cost:

The price of laser hair removal can be based on a flat fee. The flat fee can be on a per treatment or package basis. Regardless of the amount of hair to be removed, the entire procedure may incur $350 if the hair is going to be removed on your legs. The clinic usually charges patients for a package of treatment. It may also vary on the amount of hair to be removed but this is not always the case.

The number of pulses should also determine the final cost of the treatment. One pulse can remove hundred of hairs in one second. Some clinics use this as their basis on the final cost of the treatment. The great advantage of this method is that you will only be charged for the number of pulses and as the treatment progresses, the cost of the treatment can result to something lower.

Another basis of the final cost of laser hair removal is the time spent for removing the hair. There are clinics that charge patients per 15 minute segment. For every 15 minute, the clinic may charge you $100. If the session takes an hour to completely remove the hair, the patient will be charged a total of $400.

Aside from these methods, there are other factors that will serve as determinants to the final cost of laser hair removal.  Some of these factors are the amount of hair to be removed, the laser hair removal equipment speed and the speed of the laser technician. However, in spite of these numerous factors to consider when opting for laser hair removal; the cost will all be the same in the end. Before you opt for this procedure, make sure that you consult a skin care expert first and after which the quote of laser hair removal prices will be provided.