Finding Your Perfect Pace – Dialling Into the Right Speed for Every Run

Running is one of the perfect workouts out there, in many respects. You can take a look at the sheer number of people who do it to be convinced that it is indeed not just one of the best possible workouts that a person can choose, but also one of the most popular. Some have in fact become so immersed in running that they have made it a very major part of their own lifestyle. And that in itself is actually saying something, since not every exercise or workout becomes privileged to become part of people’s lifestyles. The many benefits that people could get from running ensures this, which is also why it is no secret that people are incorporating it into their overall workout program or making use of it as their sole exercise.

If the sheer number of benefits that running offers would be gauged, then it ranks right up there with most other popular forms of workouts. And it certainly helps that it has a reputation for being one of the best, if not the absolute best aerobic workout in existence. Every fitness or health buff out there would surely love to increase their overall endurance and stamina, and running is one of the best ways for them to do just that. Having increased stamina does wonders to a persons’ overall conditioning, and it gives him an edge over others who are not so conditioned. And of course there are the weight watchers, or just those who are having trouble maintaining their proper weight. They too are among the primary beneficiaries of running, given that they do not have any health problems that might prevent them from doing any runs.

I have been running for a long time and I could certainly give ample proof about the many positive things that people could get from running. I’m also one of those who got into running just so I could have a regular exercise, and it has been a great decision for me since I reaped all the good from it. Not being challenged by problems with my weight, I started to run just to make my body stronger, more flexible, and improve my endurance. And besides, I was never really big on weight lifting or body building anyway, so running was just perfect for me. That way, I never had to force myself to go to the gym and hit the weight room, as it was very natural for me to feel the urge to run. Lacing up my running shoes was thus so easy for me to do.

The experience that I have had so far when it comes to running has been mostly great. Since it was my choice to do it, right from the start I was able to pretty much set my very own pace. What I mean by that is that I just chose to go at it a little gradually at first, not needing any need or pressure to push myself too hard right away. And that was the right thing for me to do. The last thing that I needed, or anyone who did a workout, is to be physically harmed or injured by the workout that he’s doing. Suffice to say, I took it pretty easily at the beginning, and all the while I was increasing the intensity of my runs. That meant that I was gradually getting to another level, increasing my speed and the distance that I covered with each run. Now I am convinced that selecting that kind of pace at the start did a lot to help me and allow me to get nothing but running’s positive effects.

The Right Pace

Finding the right pace for your running seems a simple enough idea, but many find it to be quite a challenge. They discover all of a sudden that it is a walk in the park, or in this case a run. This is most usually the problem of beginners, although there are long time runners who could also suffer the same troubles and struggles with the kind of pace that they should be taking. If they do struggle to get it right, then it is most probably time to research for the right way to do it. Even long time runners would certainly benefit from learning the proper way to pace their selves once again.

Usually, the best pace to do for the daily run is what is known as the easy pace. Some might still question what is exactly meant by the term easy when it pertains to the pace in running. The simplest and best explanation would be to run just slow enough for you to be able to strike up a conversation. It might be with a fellow runner, or with anyone, but the important thing is that the pace that you would be taking would be slow and relaxed where you would not feel constrained or forced when speaking with another person. A simple and yet very correct way to see if you are going on that desired easy pace that would be right for any runner to take.

Some might ask, what does being able to have a conversation really mean? It actually means that the runner should be able to carry a conversation in complete sentences, and not just be able to answer with a yes or a no. there’s certainly a big difference between the two, and it is important for the runner to be able to distinguish between it properly. That’s what a runner should do if he is running with someone or in a group. But if he happens to be running alone, then he should be able to sing Happy Birthday without having to gasp for air. There are beginners that could have their easy pace by being able to carry a conversation with a walk/run combination.

Every runner should be aware that having that easy and conversational pace, which is also known as base running, has several benefits that they could take advantage of. These benefits include: helps in the more efficient burning of fat; allows the runner to have a better and just more efficient running style; it helps train the heart and lungs to enable it to be much better in the absorption, delivery, and utilization of oxygen; dealing better with lactic acid and the reception and processing of oxygen. Doing this easy, or conversational run, is very much advised for beginners. But even runners who have been at it longer could still adopt it as their running pace.

As you gain more experience and increase your level of fitness, you could attempt to do much faster and intense runs. That is fine and you might also want to experience the faster and harder pace, but it would also be nice to alternate it with the easy pace that you started with. Doing that would allow your body to get the necessary recovery time that the body requires. It would then be able to recover and rebuild itself so that it would be ready for the next running session. There is no need to run hard each time anyway, as it would only risk the runner to unnecessary injury and possible burnout.