First Step for Business Success

One of the first things you should develop in your career is sales skills. There are many successful business men and women who have attributed their success to having sales skills.

One of the things that was impressed on me the most in the best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad is how Robert Kiyosaki took a job with Xerox solely because it was a sales job. And he took a job with that company in particular because they were well known for their sales training program.

He understood that in order for him to be successful in business and to make money, he needed to know how to do sales. He understood the importance of knowing how to sell. As a result, one of the first things he did was get into a great sales training program.

If you can’t find a sales job because a lack of sales experience or background, just find a job selling insurance. Many insurance agencies, brokers and carriers take on new hires, even if they do not have much experience.

Most usually offer some kind of a training program. Many also offer mentoring with another experienced insurance agent or sales manager.

Insurance sales follows the same process that any sales job takes.  You get leads, cold call them, set appointments and do presentations.  Then you follow up until the sale is closed.  Virtually every sales model will follow the same pattern.

In addition, if you ever start your own business you can apply the same skills and models that you learned in insurance.  The same skills can be applied to job hunting as well as getting new clients.  It’s all the same, it’s all sales.

This business is hard.  But you will leave knowing that if you can sell life insurance, you can sell anything.  It’s a great feeling of confidence to have going to your next step in your business life.