Learn About The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express

The Jack LaLanne power juicer express is an excellent value juice extractor that you can buy for under $100. Jack LaLanne, the godfather of fitness, is a shining example of health, well-being and fitness and he gave his name to the Jack LaLanne power juicers as a way to promote a part of his healthy lifestyle that he whole-heartedly believes in – juicing!

The Jack LaLanne power juicer express comes with an extra-wide feeding chute that is large enough to fit most fruits and vegetables so that they don’t need cutting. Carrots, apples, medium-sized oranges, peaches, pears, kiwi fruits and more all fit in the chute with no problem. Sure, large fruits like pineapples and melons will need cutting into smaller pieces that, but you will still need less cuts than with most juicers. In fact the 3″ feed chute is the biggest chute you will presently find on any juicer machine.

As with all the other power juicer models, of which there are 5, the power juicer express features the patented extraction technology that is unique to the power juicer machines. This technology works to produce an impressive juice yield that can squeeze up to 30% more juice from fruits and vegetables than other juicers. The powerful 3,600 RPM motor not only extracts more juice but does so extremely quickly. You can make a glass of fresh juice in under ten seconds! In the rare case that you should overload the motor, the Jack LaLanne power juicer is fitted with a security measure that turns off the motor should it overheat. This helps to extend the life of the motor – which comes with a lifetime guarantee anyhow!

Of the 5 power juicer models available, the power juicer express is the slim one of the bunch. It is the space-saving model that still delivers the same power as all the other models. Another of these models is called the Jack LaLanne power juicer classic, which you can read more about at Jack LaLanne power juicer review.