Knowing More About Corner Shower Stalls

Do you ever wonder how you can maximize the space of your bathroom? Well, probably one of the most basic steps that you can do is opting to install stalls for corner showers. If you want to know more about this space efficient bathroom fixture, then take time to read through this article.

What is a corner shower stall?

Stalls for corner showers are bath fixtures that are primarily designed to fit in small and unusual bathroom areas, like angled corners. These bath screens are actually more space-saving because they can be adjusted to the size that you want to.

Do these fixtures have types?

As with regular shower screen stalls, corner ones also have varieties. While the design is the primary difference, corner stalls also have setup styles. There are models that are already framed so that you would just have to directly install them. But you could always go for the unframed ones. Therefore, the decision on what size and coverage of the corner shower to settle for will be entirely up to you.

Another thing that could very well be the difference is the style. Although corner screens are tied to the corner, this does not mean that they only have one default style. The good thing about them is that they also come in different shapes, colors and materials. Glass types are the most popular ones. For a private or body conscious person, there are tempered and frosted types to protect them from peeping Toms.

Should I get one for my bathroom?

Get a corner shower screen if you need something to redefine the limited space of your bathroom. After all, these fixtures were created to address space issues. Shower stalls of the corner type can very well make your small bathroom appear and feel bigger. They help define your bathroom by designating a place for showering. However, though they are extremely functional, do not try acquiring these bathroom fixtures if you have the tendency to be claustrophobic. Or better yet, get the ones that do not have doors so you would feel free.