Scared of Flying: Tips & Ideas to Overcome It

Okay, so there you are ready to board the airplane, but then all of a sudden, you freeze! No matter how hard you try to move your body it would not budge and cooperate. All of those horrible plane crashes and flights ending in disarray keep on circling over your head. You begin to feel your heart pumping so hard as if it is going to explode out of your chest. There is nothing in your head but that sense of danger that you believe is going to happen. Right there and then, you simply decided to cancel your flight. All of the sensations that you have just felt at that instance are known symptoms of aviophobia or simply, the fear of flying! The good thing about this though is that, you are not the only one who is plagued by this fear – this type of phobia is experienced by thousands of people the world over.

The most commonly reported physical symptoms of fear of flying include muscle tension, palpitations, trembling, nausea, dryness of mouth, difficulty breathing, stomach problems and profuse sweating. Then again wait, there is more! Aside from physical symptoms, there are also psychological ones and they are short term memory loss, visions of impending doom such as the plane burning in midair and crashing and a series of other negative emotions and thoughts; all of which works by heightening your anxiety.

If you are thinking that this is a truly troubling and terrible fear to have, then you are correct! However, if there is one thing that is certain, it is that this fear is very treatable. There is fear of flying help and you can either choose to deal with it on your own or seek the assistance of a trained psychologist. Here is how to overcome fear of flying.

If you are to take the D.I.Y. approach, the very first thing that you need to do is to find out the root cause of your fear. Ask yourself, why do you have this fear in the first place? Is it because you experienced severe stress or a traumatic event? What exactly is it that you fear, is it the flight itself or the aircraft? Ask yourself these questions and contemplate hard, so you could determine the source of your fear. You see, if you are able to recognize the cause, it would then be a lot easier for you to tackle or address your fear. On the other hand, if you cannot seem to identify the exact reason of your fear and it feels as if it is getting too overwhelming and way out of hand, then it would be best that you confer with a seasoned psychologist to help you conquer your phobia.