Meditation Positions for Beginners

In meditation, aside from relaxation and undisturbed focus, another problematic issue especially for beginners is, what are the meditation positions that will help them feel relaxed and enable them to prolong the meditation practice without uneasiness. It is public knowledge that in meditation, the common position is seating. But, the problem lies in what seating position is beneficial for the meditator. The traditional seating position for meditation is the Indian seat or most commonly called the full lotus pose, which is seating on the floor with both legs crossed on top of either the left or right leg. But, in modern times, you’ll learn that some meditators practice meditation while seating on a stool, whether with a backrest or without a backrest. After all, the seating meditation positions for beginners depend on the preference of the individual.

Aside from the full lotus pose and sitting on a chair meditation positions, here are the other seating positions which may be an option for you until you find the one that you will use for your entire meditation journey. The straddling the cane pose requires you to squat down until both your feet are tucked in your buttocks. You may place a cushion or soft mat underneath so that your knees and feet won’t hurt. In any seating position, you must remember to always sit up straight. As you begin to concentrate on your breathing and your object of focus while your eyes closed and you’re seating straight in whatever seating position you feel comfortable with, you will feel more relaxed and positive energies come without uneasiness. But, the most beneficial element in sitting straight while meditating is, it can enhance the body’s posture. In fact, having good posture is one of the many benefits of meditation.

Aside from the seating position, another way to do meditation is by lying down. The lying meditation requires you to lie, either on a floor mat or carpet. Lie on the right-hand side of your body. Place your right hand under your right cheek and your left hand and arm along the left side of your body. Observe also that your left leg is comfortably placed over your right leg. Your leg must not bend or stretch. This is good for beginners because they don’t have to deal with uneasy seating up straight position, especially those who have scoliosis or back problems.

Again, whatever meditation position you decide to use, remember that you must be able to acquire good posture, total relaxation, and successful undisturbed meditation.