Understanding How Dedicated Server Hosting Works

If you choose to go with a dedicated server hosting option to host your website, then you will have more options and flexibility. Aspects of host behavior such as configuration and software running on the site are in your control. Most importantly, with this option you are the only one who uses the resources and this gives you many advantages over shared web-hosting.

Another great advantage to having this option is that there is no limit to the amount of websites you can host. You can also have an unlimited amount of mailboxes for all your employees. You will have free reign when it comes to memory and CPU. There are no restrictions when it comes to installing software and programs. Companies usually rent this option on a monthly basis. For this, you will get a nominated amount of bandwidth and a number of IP addresses. Should you need more bandwidth, it will be cheaper than if you opted for the shared option.

This option is significantly more costly than sharing. You will also have to look after issues such as hacking, security and server upgrades. With the shared option, the Webmaster takes care of those matters.

You will therefore have to be experienced with handling these matters or at worst, employ someone to take care of these tasks for you. There are options where you can have this managed and this means maintenance will be dealt with by the company and not you. Speak to the company to find out if they offer this option.

In some cases with dedicated server hosting, the software is already installed. Apart from management software it also includes database, emails and other features. A web interface is provided so that various aspects of the web-hosting services can be managed. One of the main reasons people prefer this option is security; no one else has access to your data.