Importance Of A Dedicated Server

As compared to shared web hosting, hosting web sites on your sole dedicated server might sound a little expensive but in the long run, it is more fruitful. Regardless of how properly managed shared web hosting can be, it cannot be completely stable and reliable.

But if you possess your own server, you can avoid a lot of factors that affect the stability and reliability of a hosting system which is usually seen in many shared hosting account. These factors can be bad codes, overload, many components and applications uploading and scripts from other users and similar other problems.

If you have a dedicated one, you can install only the applications and software you want to run. On the other hand, it is not like that in case of sharing. You will have to host and run applications and software that other users use as well. The upside of having a server for yourself is that it reduces the dependency on the web host and ignores the time delays and possible expenses that happen due to them.

You can provide instant support to your clients when it is needed in case of dedicated hosting. This cannot be done with shared hosting. Just like reliability and stability are important for your website, a fast and reliable support is important for your business growth. Reliability, in business, travels through word of mouth and is the best way for promotion.

The requirement for a dedicated server is felt when a user of shared one realizes how fast people gave up on their website as it takes a lot of time to open or that their website was not up or when the count of daily visitors go down. Therefore, these kinds of servers are very useful over shared hosting servers and can prove to be very efficient for your business.