How To Not Get Cheap Commercial Insurance

All business need commercial insurance – and most want it cheap. Cheap commercial insurance is definitely possible – but it depends on what you do. Here is – just for the sake of turning things on the head – how NOT to get cheap commercial insurance.

If you want to pay a premium for your insurance premium, so to speak, just for get about shopping around. Don’t take time to get commercial insurance quotes from different companies to see which offers the best deal for the least money. Don’t spend the necessary time to provide the info that will convince insurance agents how low-risk you whole operation is – instead, just get the whole information-retrieval over with in a hurry, forcing commercial insurance companies to make assumptions instead of clear conclusions. Also, make sure you insure every last little object belonging to your company – all the down to the last bag of paperclips. What I am saying is – you could save a bundle by only insuring select, expensive objects which are crucial to the daily continuation of your business, but if you don’t care about money that much, by all means, insure everything – even the stuff you could easily replace – and would never dream of making insurance claims on anyway.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to waste money on business insurance if you want to. It is really only a matter of how lazy you are. Oh – also don’t forget to ignore good advice about which insurance companies are good and which are less worthy of your time and money. Never, EVER, read news relating the way insurance companies do business, to become aware of suspect companies or practices. You might have the misfortune to learn something which could save you some money! Get wise to the fact that to get the cheapest commercial insurance, you may have to do a little bit of work.