Consider Oak Flooring For Your Home

Plank flooring like those made from hardwoods like oak  should be properly cared for and maintained. Oak flooring is a lifetime investment adds not only value to a room but affects the overall atmosphere of the property. That is why in order to continually enjoy the benefits of these flooring, they should be protected against normal wear and tear as well as permanent damages.

Oak flooring is most susceptible to scratches as well as water damage. Dirt that can be tracked in from footwear will act like an abrasive on your plank flooring’s natural finish and might result to scratch damage. Another source of scratch damage is the improper way of moving furniture. Dragging a table across a wood floor will definitely damage the floor. To protect against these, furniture should be moved by carrying it and regular sweeping or vacuuming of the floor should be implemented. Dirt catching rugs on the doors is also a good idea.

Another major problem for oak flooring is water damage. Any spilled liquid will seep to the grain of the plank flooring that while in small amounts, will only leave a stain but if enough liquid is spilled and it is not cleaned immediately, it may result to getting the wood waterlogged. A waterlogged hardwood floor will warp and bulge and will stand out as an eyesore against the smooth areas of your floors. Water damage can be prevented by using cleaners that will leave a protective film on the floor to guard against spilled liquid as well as cleaning up any spillage as soon as possible. Stains can be cleaned by using a stain remover that is specially formulated for your particular kind of wood flooring.

Proper care and maintenance of your oak flooring will only need minimal work that will result to a long lifetime for your floors. Plank flooring is an excellent feature in your home that will give you pride in your property for years to come.