Christian Music Videos are Everywhere

Have you been watching MTV or any other music video channel?  Have you ever seen Christian music videos aired?

Christian music videos are almost everywhere today.  Did you know that the song “Home” by Daughtry is a Christian song?  “Everything” by Lifehouse is also one.  Some people say that Christian music is overly conservative and not enjoyed by many, but actually the truth is just the opposite.  Christian music can be conservative, pop, rock and even rap.  It often has a similar beat to contemporary non-Christian music, but what is different is that Christian music contains praise and worship lyrics about God.  As for Christian music videos, they do not have to quote scripture in the videos to be great videos.  That is actually what is beautiful about Christian videos.  Music videos just reflect the love that Christians have for God and do not often go into deep theology.

Some people even believe that Christian music videos are better in teaching values than Bible studies.  Since music videos are very “in” right now, some would say that teens and other adolescents are more likely to pick up a message from a music video than from a school teacher.  Because of this, Christians can spread the meaning of the Christian faith through music videos.  Christian videos are popular for their wonderful choreography and their great songs, and kids today are very receptive to this medium of communication.

Christian music videos are also loved because they are being watched by many as a daily encouragement, just as with daily Bible readings.  People watch such videos because they listen to the music and the dance to feel closer to God.

These videos have powerful messages and they strike each and every one of us, but especially Christians as they already believe the message.  However, everyone can appreciate Christian music videos, even non-Christians.  After all, music is for everyone.  Most people, especially in the U.S., can appreciate a song about Christian faith.  Just like religious wise quotes that tell us all to sing using psalms and hymns to praise God (Ephesians 5:19), Christian music videos are used to praise God and bring Christians and non-Christians closer together in a common moment of worship.